When the knock came to door at 7 am we could not believe that we sat up all night talking, but the tiredness showed it all. Sadly Mr Meleady did not empathise with us and just knocked louder. On the Saturday, we got our buffet breakfast and set off for Alton Towers Theme Park. Everyone was ecstatic, when we arrived we all separated and enjoyed the rollercoasters! Especially Shoney!!!

Alton towers is a place to remember, full of fun and heart stopping roller coasters. Only Ms Ryan was courageous and patient to queue for 2 hours for the ” Smiler”. We all got lunch there and left the Park at 5p.m. we then had another fantastic evening shopping at Trafford Shopping Centre in Manchester. We then arrived back at the hotel, we had great craic in the lobby with our friends and another school from Kildare!

Sunday morning another 8 am start. When we got up on the Sunday, we had our breakfast, packed our stuff and travelled to Cheshire Oaks Shopping Outlet where we spent our day shopping and had dinner. We then travelled to Holyhead to be on the fast boat home departing at 5p.m. it was the worst boat journey home ever!! Mrs McAteer  thought she was running a mini hospital. Everyone was getting sick everywhere, all of a sudden we regretted all of those Costas!!(Except for Shoney, who slept the whole way home). We were never as happy to see Dublin Port. We got on the bus again and set home for Milford! It was the best weekend ever!!thanks to all. Would love to have the opportunity to do it again.


Louise Lynch & Caoimhe Blaney


Mulroy College students visit Anfield