27 class rooms                                    Fully equipped Gym

3 Science labs                                    Sports Hall

2 Computer Rooms                            All weather pitch

2 Woodwork Rooms                           Tennis Courts

2 Metalwork Rooms                           Basketball Courts

2 Home Economics Rooms               Canteen

1 Music Room

1 Art Room

1Technical Drawing Room



  • There is a privately run canteen on the school premises. The food is provided at very reasonable rates. Hot food is provided at break time, and at lunch. The canteen operates a Healthy eating policy. A Breakfast Club operates in the college each morning where students can avail of tea and toast free of charge.

Book Rental Scheme

  • Mulroy College offers a book rental scheme to all students. All incoming students are supplied with the necessary textbooks and workbooks under this scheme. The fee is a fraction of the usual cost of books.

Student Journal

  • We update our school Journal every year. It is the main form of communication between home and school. Homework is recorded in the journal as well as all written communication between school and home. The journal also contains a copy of the timetable, calendar for the year, code of behaviour and other useful information.


  • Lockers are provided for students so that they do not have to carry heavy bags around all day. Students should only use their lockers at the following times: before roll call, during break-time, during lunchtime and at the end of the school day. Each student is responsible for his/her own locker and key. Students get a spare key cut and give a copy to their class teacher.