Class Teacher

All classes in Mulroy College have a class teacher assigned to them. Students meet with this teacher every morning for roll call as well as preparation for the day ahead. Uniform is checked and notes are checked concerning absenteeism. This is also the forum where students can make known their concerns to their class teacher.

Restorative practices are used throughout the college when dealing with any levels of disagreement or conflict. Everyone gets the chance to be listened to and everyone gets the chance to be heard. We do not judge individuals.

Assembly – Once a week each Year group has a short morning assembly.  At this time issues particular to the year group can be communicated to all the students in that year group.  Success will be celebrated and achievements acknowledged as often as possible.

Year Head

Each Year Head has overall responsibility for the welfare and progress of the students within their year group. The Year Head, together with the Class Teacher encourages students to take responsibility for their actions and to become independent learners. They also meet parents at parent teacher meetings and by appointment.

Career Guidance and Counselling service.

Ms. Catherine Crawford is available to advise students and their parents on career issues and provides a counselling service to students in need of assistance. Information sessions on subject choices and further education options for 3rd and 6th year students and parents are also organised to support students.

Home School Community Liaison Co-ordinator

Ms. Evelyn Crampsie is the link person in the college between school, home and the wider community. She is available to meet parents in the home or in school to address issues relating to students’ education and personal needs.

Learning Support 

A member of the SEN team is available to meet parents who wish to discuss issues relating to Learning Support and to provide this support to students.

The Student Support Team 

The Principal, Deputy Principals, Guidance Counsellor, SEN Co-ordinator, Home School Liaison teacher, Educational Psychologist, Student Support Team Co-ordinator and School Completion officer coordinate the student support in the school. Working together with teachers and year heads we try to ensure that every student is safe and secure at all times.