Science Week 20017 has been taking place nationally this week the 12th to 19th November.  Within the walls of Mulroy College, Science was visible to all. Science celebrates the fascinating worlds of science, technology, engineering and mathematics ( STEM). The school has teamed up with Science Foundation Ireland to invite some Primary schools in the area to visit an exhibition by the Transition Year students on body parts, second year projects in the area of physics and an open laboratory to see chemistry in action.  It was clear of the vibrancy and knowledge the students had on the various areas of science while The Tir Conaill visited the school.

Science is an area of great success within the college over the past years. Lauren Mc Ginley achieving the highest grades in science and maths in the country, also in both the Young Scientist Competition and Scifest over the past four years.

Over the weekend, two of the College 5th year students, Peter Curran and Mark McAteer participated in the 10th Anniversary of the Scifest Competition in Dublin. They were awarded an Excellence in STEM award for their investigation into how various soil mediums effect the growth of potatoes. Over the summer they cultivated potatoes in monitored their growth in seaweed, compost and seaweed compost mediums. The college recognised the help of Mr Gerry Doherty from the Dept of Agriculture for his investment in time and providing the potatoes for the experiment.

Sheila Porter, CEO, said: “This year is the ten-year anniversary of SciFest and it is wonderful to see the level of talent, enthusiasm and determination on display today. The aim of SciFest is to develop a love of STEM and of inquiry-based learning. Those values are very much evident here today, with students from around the country demonstrating the incredible work that they have put into their projects and experiments”.

Minister for Education and Skills Richard Bruton TD said, “We live in a rapidly changing world and our education system must respond by equipping our young people with the skills and knowledge to thrive in such an environment. That is why I have placed such an emphasis on the teaching and learning of STEM in my role as Minister, as part of my overall ambition to make Ireland’s education and training service the best in Europe within a decade. Indeed, I will shortly launch a comprehensive STEM plan which will outline how my Department proposes to ignite a passion for the STEM subjects in all students.”

On our visit to the college the principal, Ms Fiona Temple, highlighted “that science is the driving force of all our futures”. While acknowledging the effort that the teachers and students have put into their large and small scale projects, she commented that “ I am waiting to see what science project is next, over the past 3 years we have had eggs hatch into chicks in the school, heather weighed and fed to cattle, and a full school investigation into dental care, these explorative projects are a great learning tool for all of our students.”

“ Science Success” was the buzz word in Mulroy College this week