Fairtrade Awareness Week


Rang  Michael organised a Fairtrade Awareness Week on the18th to the 22nd of January as part of their CSPE Action Project. They raised awareness about  the difficulties that third world farmers face and  how buying fair trade items helps make thousands of farmers’ lives better. Students made posters and put them up around the school, a raffle was organised  to win a hamper  full of fairtrade items and all staff and students used fairtrade tea and coffee during the week. The class invited Rev Stewart  Wright to give a talk on fairtrade and he outlined to students how the fairtrade mark means that the products were produced in an environmentally responsible manner and a fair price is paid to farmers which give them a stable income.  Farmers in underdeveloped countries are often underpaid for the work they do, but fairtrade gives these farmers an opportunity to improve their lives and reduce poverty. The money the farmers receive helps local communities by providing better medical facilities and better educational opportunities for their children. By purchasing products with the fairtrade logo we can help make a difference to thousands of farmers and workers throughout the third world.

Third Year Students host Fair Trade Awareness Week