Mulroy College embodies mutual respect in a caring environment while enabling students to achieve personal success and move with confidence into a world of endless possibilities


I would like to welcome you to Mulroy College and to our website for a look at the diversity of opportunity and range of experiences our students receive.

We have a high standard of education here at Mulroy College and offer students all available programmes: Junior Certificate, Junior Certificate Schools Programme, Transition Year, Leaving Certificate, Leaving Certificate Applied and Leaving Cert Vocational Programme.

We have a great history in providing high quality education catering for individual needs and preparing young people for the world of opportunities post secondary education. From First year we group students into classes of mixed ability and do not separate students into groups of ability levels. In this way students are not labelled and everyone is given the same opportunity to succeed. Educational research shows that students of all levels will succeed better in mixed ability grouping.

Our success rate for students progressing to Higher and Further Education is very high. In the last academic year, this was 96% of our Leaving Certificate students.

As students progress they are divided in English, Irish and Mathematics into grouping of same ability as this is shown to be the most productive approach in these subjects. Our Departments work together in ensuring the education and learning experiences students have are of a very high quality.

We are well known for our pastoral care approaches and students are really looked after here. We have a Year Head and Class Tutor system where every class is assigned a class tutor and starts the day with them Monday—Friday. The relationship between students and class tutors is fostered throughout the year and students feel they have someone they can go to who can directly help them in whatever way they need. Although we confidently focus on the traditional virtues of good behaviour, self-discipline and hard work, we have a huge reputation for looking after our students.  All our staff are trained in Restorative practices and we use these methods whenever conflict or disagreement arises. In this way we do not judge individuals and only look at their behaviours and how behaviours effects others and the school community. We bring people together and help them repair any harm and restore relationships.

We have a mentoring Programme for our first year students where each first year has an older student to act as their “Buddy” and mentors them throughout first year. This is a great support for first year students and also a great privilege and learning opportunity for our 5th year students.

Our guidance Counsellor is available to all students and from 3rd year on everyone is timetabled for a guidance class and receives individual one to one appointments.

We also offer a huge array of activities and extra-curricular opportunities outside of the classroom. Students, both boys and girls compete in sports as diverse as Gaelic football, hurling, rugby, soccer, golf, volleyball, basketball and athletics.  Our Senior Ladies Soccer team was All Ireland Champions last year.  We are annually represented at the All Ireland Athletics competitions and have a very strong cycling club.

For those not interested in Sport we have various other clubs and activities at lunchtime and after school from Dance and knitting clubs, to Art and media. We venture to An Grianan Theatre each year for our Variety Show and showcase the wonderful talent and spirit of Mulroy College. Music and Drama are very much alive and there are numerous performances and concerts throughout the year.

We also have trips for groups from Celtic games, Ski trips and outdoor education residential trips. Education is about the whole person and here at Mulroy College we aim to nuture the academic and the non academic side ensuring young people get the opportunity to fully develop as they enter life as an adult.

As Principal I am proud to be a part of this community. I am proud of the staff that brings it all together, I am proud of the students that we work with everyday and I greatly value the role that parents have in the life of Mulroy College. If you feel that you would like more information then I invite you to make an appointment for a short personalised tour of the school with either myself, my Deputy Principal or one of my Assistant Principals to see our school community in action.