The challenge is this:

To create one piece of art every day for the duration of the crisis, this can be a simple sketch, a photo with your phone of the things you are getting up to, a drawing in the sand of your favourite beach, a stick drawing, a still from the video game you’re playing, a cake you’ve baked, a photo of the work you are doing on the family farm, a self-portrait…. anything that responds to the theme
The question is what we do when we are faced with a situation which seems out of our control when all seems dark and hopeless and we are fearful.

The stimulus:

Do we run and hide, give up ? or do we stand and be counted.
The plan is to curate all the work and create one giant artwork made up of all the fragments of the submissions to be exhibited when we return together…..
The artistic ability isn’t the main thing, it’s really about communicating, staying in touch etc….