Mulroy College Senior Cycle Education

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  • Senior cycle education is the period of education that follows the junior cycle and is generally taken by students between the ages of 15 and 18.
  • Senior cycle education in Mulroy College may be of two or three years duration.
  • Students may follow a two-year Leaving Certificate programme or they may take an additional optional year at the start of their senior cycle. This year is called Transition Year.

The Leaving Certificate

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This programme of study followed in the senior cycle is of two years duration. The majority of students take the Leaving Certificate (Established) which is the traditional final examination in post-primary education.
The subjects offered are based on the needs of the students each year. Subjects are offered at both higher and ordinary levels.
Students study 7 subjects to Leaving Certificate and are encouraged to take subjects at high levels.

Transition Year

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The Transition Year Programme is a unique, one-year programme that promotes the personal, social, vocational and educational development of students and prepares them for their role as autonomous, participative and responsible members of society. TY provides a bridge to enable students to make the transition from the more dependent type of learning associated with Junior Cycle to the more independent learning environment associated with the Senior Cycle. It encourages the development of a wide range of transferable critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills.

Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA)

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The Leaving Certificate Applied is a distinct, self-contained two-year programme aimed at preparing students for adult and working life.
The advantage of Leaving Certificate Applied is that it focuses on the talents of each individual student and helps students apply what they learn in the real world.
The two-year programme consists of four half-year blocks called Sessions and achievements are credited through continuous assessment. There is also a work experience element of the course. Successful candidates receive a Leaving Certificate from the State Examinations Commission.
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Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme 

Many students take the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP) which emphasises enterprise education and preparation for working life. This is an extra subject that is assessed through a portfolio of work and a written exam. Students can use the results to benefit them in the “Points” system.
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Assessment at Senior Cycle

Senior Cycle Curriculum Review

A number of Leaving Certificate subjects are currently under various stages of review. Follow the links to find out more about the senior cycle as it is now and the developments that are underway

Key Skills Framework