Mulroy College Transition Year students, Mark McAteer and Peter Curran are this year’s qualifiers for the National Sci-fest competition to be held in Dublin. For this year’s competition the students examined the growing potential of potatoes in both homemade compost and seaweed. Over a 12 week period the results revealed that the homemade compost is a very viable medium for growing potatoes.

As the boys move into the next round of the competition, they will spend the summer examining the growing potential in more detail adding more variables. Their teacher, Ms Aisling McAteer, commended the boys on the dedication and commitment that went into the project over the past three months. She commended the other team from Mulroy College, Catherine Grier, David Rankin and Pauric McCleary.

This is the second consecutive year that the College has been awarded this award. The principal, Ms Fiona Temple, highlighted to us “that science is a very strong area of the curriculum in Mulroy College. Over the past few years, the College has motivated students to participate in The Young Scientist and the Sci Fest award. We are delighted to see Mark and Peter qualified to the National final in November. I  also commend the other participants for their hard work also”

Mulroy College are Scifest winners for the Second year.