Nineteen third year French students from Mulroy College participated in an exchange with a French school, le collège Saint Joseph in Etaples sur Mer in Northern France.

The initiative began when Ms Dorrian the French teacher decided to twin Mulroy College with le collège Saint Joseph.  She encouraged students to exchanged emails with their French pen-pals before travelling to France for a week in November. Each of the students stayed with a French host family, savouring the French lifestyle while learning the language.  The students also visited a fishing museum, an aquarium and a chocolate factory and also took part in different activities such as cycling, sampling of French food and shopping. They also spent a day a day in their French host school and finished their trip with a day at EuroDisney. Great fun was had by all and our students can’t wait to welcome their French pen-pals from the 27th of February to the 5th of March 2017.  The students were accompanied by Caroline Dorrian, Selina Bonner and Frances Roberts.

Mulroy College participate in a French school exchange: