A very successful student book swap was held on the 10th of May, during lunchtime in the college courtyard.

The event was organised by Ms. Selina Bonner and Ms. Scátha Farrell.  Students donated novels, biographies, magazines and annuals that they no longer wanted.

During the Book Swap they swapped these for “new” books to enjoy over their summer holidays!

The fantastic weather allowed us to hold this event outdoors in Ms. McKelvey’s beautiful school garden and Ms. Mc Ateer’s scrumptious buns, wraps and garlic bread magically disappeared!  All students got a sweet treat, thanks to Ms. Dormion- Merci!

Raffle prizes were very kindly sponsored by Bodyworx Gym, Milford and Emmet and staff in the canteen. There was particular excitement over the “Skip the Queue on Chip Day” voucher.

Staff of the college also held their own book swap in the staff room with all literary tastes catered for.

Thanks again to all staff, students and sponsors for their books and participation on the day.

Mulroy College Book Swap